Intro to VR reading

I’m just back from a summer holiday where I’ve spent my down-time reading about VR, rather than making. The best find was this site, a list of VR and AR resources curated by Max Glenister. It’s the motherload of top resources:

I’ve picked out my top six:

Get started with VR: user experience design by Adrienne Hunter
Excellent starting point for a complete beginner.

Practical VR Design by Ryan Betts
One of the most comprehensive guides I’ve read on starting out in VR design. Links out to just about everything you need to get starting. I’ll be revisiting this.

From product design to virtual reality – Jean-Marc Denis
A product designer’s journey into designing from VR. I would love to eventually make this leap, this is a thoughtful read.

Immersive Design – Learning to let go of the screen by Matt Sundstrom
How to think outside the square, rather than porting traditional 2D screen-based designs to VR. I’m regularly overwhelmed by VR jargon and liked the way this article explained concepts with simple illustrations.

Must-watch vids by Mike Alger:

I’m slowly accumulating so many tweets and interesting reads – I’ve set up a page to keep track of them here: AR/VR links